Robodoc: human and machine interaction

RoboDoc lab was launched 2015 to push ahead the joint and interdisciplinary research projects in Information Management related fields. RoboDoc vision is to become a symbol of IranDoc's latest research products on information management and processing, information and knowledge analysis, scientometrics, natural language processing and audio and image processing.



Text Mining and Machine Learning

The text mining and learning machine lab's major work focuses on the artificial intelligence methods used for machining the conceptualization and interpretation process of various types of data, in particular text type of data. To achieve this goal, researchers in this lab build computational theories from data and employ algorithms and current data structures, commonly used in computer science, especially in the field of machine learning.



Decision Support System

The decision support systems lab was establish to conduct applied and developmental research on the applications of IT. It mainly relays on the knowledge in the areas of information systems, data mining, information analysis, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.