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   IranDoc Name  


Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology was founded in September 23, 1968, known as «مرکز اسناد ایران» in Farsi and "Iranian Documentation Center" in English.

This short name has been used for the past half of the decade and till now it has been changed five times. However, still this name more than any other name is familiar to, and used by, university students and professors as well as researchers, in Iran and worldwide.Over tens of thousands scholarly works has been indexed in SCOPUS since 1971and Google search engine retrieves 100,000 pages with this keyword. The short name known as "organization brand", is part of intangible assets of every organization which distinguishes it from other organizations. When seen or heard by people, it reminds them of a certain concept which is tight to the unique features of the organization. Although, initially "Doc" was an abbreviation for "Documentation", based on Dehkhoda Dictionary, "داک" in Farsi has a more general meaning. It means "base" and "support", more precisely it refers to "a steak or a piece of wood on which wall or doors are settled". Since the "Science and Technology Information management" in Iran, and "information support of science and technology" are part of the major missions of IranDoc, it is decided to use the short name "ایرانداک" in Farsi and "IranDoc" in English for Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology as it both reflects the mission of this Institute and is a meaningful words both in Farsi and English.





   IranDoc Logo   



The circle in IranDoc logo transfers the sense of centerless and a place where gathering of documents takes place.

Another symbol of circle brings in a picture of computer disks as a key tool used for storing information.

نشان ایرانداک 2


The general figure of the square is a sign of an organized system within a "certain framework". The parallel squared lines show a graphical image of precise, well-ordered, and organized documents which are placed at the heart of the whole collection (i.e. the circle).



This figure represents a graphical image of a "hand" that is in dual symmetrical and within each other with a mutual link. It describes information exchange, collaboration and coordination. This figure on the other both sides displayed in an abstract format. The letters "مـ" and "عـ" represents the first letters of "مدارک علمی" (meaning "Scientific Documents" in English).  



نشان ایرانداک 4




The whole logo together consists of letter "S" which is the first letter of term "Science" or "Scientific" in English reflecting the scientific nature of work carried out in IranDoc.



نشان ایرانداک 5



Due to the organization identity and feature, the general form of IranDoc logo transfers a sense of constant and dynamic (not static) movement.