About Website

The IranDoc official website represents IranDoc and its mission on the Internet. This includes IranDoc's mission in the areas of research, science and technology information management, research ethics, education and enabling, research and scientific collaborations, and science and technology policy support. This website is a gateway that provides mutual connections between IranDoc and its users. Indeed, IranDoc official website acts as a showcase presenting IranDoc's achievements, services and capabilities, in around half of a century, to all researchers, students, and policy makers across the country. It also benefits from the feedbacks and views of those visiting IranDoc website.

IranDoc's first website was created in 1999, considered as early websites among those created by scientific organizations in Iran. Since then six versions of this website have been created in years 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2009 accordingly. These various versions have also achieved several different honors as follows:

In January 2016, IranDoc website was ranked as second among Iranian websites, in the webometrics ranking, and 261 among the world research institutes websites, in accordance with two metrics: a) Internet web domains and b) number of rich files created by the institution.

In 2012, in the “Third Festival on Governmental Webometrics”, IranDoc website achieved first rank in the areas of web design standards, and second rank in the information services section.

The current version of IranDoc website, which was launched in 16th May 2017, is the result of a teamwork; a collaboration between IranDoc design experts and experts at Iman Webkaran company.