Designing a Conceptual Model for the National Scholarly Publication System

Approval date: 
September 2018

The design and implementation of the scholarly publication system at the national level has been one of the main topics of interest to researchers, specialists and top managers in countries and has been emphasized in Iran's twenty-year perspective. The current system of scholarly publication faces numerous issues including redundancy, inconsistency, tension, lack of transparency in the components and relationships, and even the electronicization of the publication fields has had no effect on solving this problems.

Establishing a national scholarly publication system will have a positive effect on the integration of processes and content, the ability to systematically analyze gaps, identify activities that contribute to scholarly competition, and determine the extent to which scholarly products are used. Therefore, this research intends to extract the conceptual model of the national system of scholarly publication by defining the indicators and components of scholarly publication and, based on the extracted model, examine the country's capacity to implement the conceptual model.

This research is a consecutive exploratory study. In the first step, when the conceptual model is extracted, the data will be collected by qualitative method. Secondly, the capacity of the country will be assessed by quantitative method. The final interpretation of the results will also be based on a quantitative-qualitative approach. It takes 24 months for the first phase and 12 months for the second phase.