Design of User-Oriented ontology based information retrieval conceptual model for Information Science: The case of Institute of Information Science and Technology theses database

Approval date: 
December 2014

Due to development of Web 3, and initiation of topics about semantics, the keyword searching and retrieving, do not meet the user's needs. Different solutions are provided to solve the keyword information retrieval problems. One of these solutions is the use of ontologies and semantic relationships in them. This study seeks to identify the manner`s features and components of the use semantic relationships in ontologies in information retrieval with a mixed method study. This research focuses on users search refinement and suggestion for them. First, the different information retrieval systems are investigated, the feature of their semantic relationships are depicted and then semantic relationships of information science field will be identified by enriching the semantic relationships in the thesaurus and based on this, the users search log, will be analyzed. Final, based on extracted features of previous stages, the conceptual model of information retrieval will be completed via interview.