National Research Information System


July 2009
1st Version

This system is a database for Iran scientific and research data. It was launched in 2006 to improve access and exploitation of research, scientific and technological information via one gateway. This system is considered as a first-hand source and a connecting center which gathers metadata from research institutes. IranDoc is the founder and host of this system, aiming: 

★  To contribute to the development of Iran national scientific roadmap;

★  To contribute to the organization of Iran science and technology;

★  To contribute to the identification of science and technology policies and priorities in Iran;

★  To contribute to the planning needed for determination and allocation of research funds;

★  To conduct constant evaluation and monitoring of research and technology institutes and researchers;

★  To predict and forecast Iran science and technology trends;

★  To enhance the national information system for science and technology and boosting its competitiveness in the world by:

a) providing a transparent, integrated, consistent, and novel information and research space in national level for all researchers;

b) providing proper research management and leadership opportunity for managers; and

c) representing the national capacity in producing science and technology and meeting the needs of those requiring science and technology resources.

National Research Information System