Iran Manual of Style Website (A Farsi guide on how to cite to Farsi and English resources)


July 2016
1st Version

Every author builds his work upon two things: either talks his own thoughts and first-hand findings, or uses other authors' words and writings. To acknowledge other authors' works and to follow scientific ethics, it is vital that authors give accurate citation so that readers can easily track original resources and use them, if needed. Thus, different methods for citation were created and gradually were transformed in the form of various comprehensive "Manual Styles" each of which introducing a certain type of citation for different materials. However, because of lack such comprehensive guideline in Farsi, there is no consistency in the method of citation used by journals and publishers, and yet the guidelines do not cover citation method for all types of resources, for instance web resources, audio, video etc. As a result, Iranian authors and editors have a hard time following a correct and comprehensive citation guideline in Farsi. Diversity in the manual styles used by publishers and authors have also made it difficult to analyze citations. Altogether, these address a need for a comprehensive citation guideline for Farsi-speaking authors.

Adopting Chicago Manual Style, with over 100 years background, Iran Manual Style was created. This manual follows "author-publication date" citation style and introduces its basic principles as it is one of the most common and easiest style followed worldwide. It also illustrates, with example for each type of resource, how to cite to various types of information resources, both in printed and non-printed formats).

On this website, there are two versions of the Iran manual style available to users: 1) full version; 2) selected version. This website can be of value to all publishers and journals who wish to provide their Farsi-speaking authors with a comprehensive and easy-to-use citation guideline. There are also training slides available to all users who wish to teach citation.

Iran Manual of Style Website

(A Farsi guide on how to cite to Farsi and English resources)