IranDoc's Authority Lists


December 2015
1st Version

Libraries and information centers are considered as knowledge-based organizations dealing with a large volume of information. Information documentation refers to a spectrum of concepts including registration, collection development, information processing, modification, categorization, and preservation. Indeed, these concepts refer to a purposeful, precise and disciplined task.

Documenting names which covers many different areas such as authority names (name of famous individuals and authors), name of places, name of books, name of play scripts, is one of the major task that IranDoc regularly accomplishes to achieve the following goals:

★  To control terms;

★  To facilitate searching and access to these names and terms;

★  To guide users (searchers) to similar names and terms;

★  To quickly change entities;

★  To quickly and easily retrieve a name of a subject/topic, a network of concepts as well as cross-links to terms and names;

★  To display and control words and terms with over two or multiple meanings to prevent semantic disorder when retrieving the terms.

The IranDoc authority lists has been created to partly meet the needs of knowledge management, especially in the field of information organization. This website delivers authority lists including names of researchers, institutions and bodies, organizations, Iranian governmental institutions, and geographical names.

IranDoc's Authority Lists