Virtual Communication Portal


May 2015
1st Version

The Virtual Communications portal makes it possible for all members of committees and corresponding taskforce groups to stay in touch in one virtual space.

The membership process begins with a "call for membership", having signed-up for membership, then every member is able to log into this portal and get access to all committees and taskforce groups, who are a member in this portal, as well as information related to each member.

This portal has several organizational and cross-organizational associations consisting of councils, taskforce groups, committees, portals, commissions and so forth. This portal has also different sections as follows:

★  News room;

★  Regulations;

★  Meetings notes (proceedings);

★  Meetings calendar;

★  Contracts; and

★  Archived documents.

Additionally, there is a discussion forum in which various topics are addressed and the members contribute to the discussion. The Virtual Communications portal delivers information on the forthcoming events and past activities. It also reports all past activities to the users.


Virtual Communication Portal