Board of Trustees' Meetings Management System


December 2016
1st Version

This portal assists the board of trustees at universities, research institutes, research, technology and higher education centers with MSRT or MoH (Ministry of Health) affiliations as well as other universities, including Islamic Azad University, to manage their meetings (from start-to-end) in a web-based environment.

This portal provides individual spaces for each board member of trustees. Meanwhile it prevents replication in data entry and corresponding tasks.

In this web-based environment, depending on their roles and needs, all actors of each board of trustees along with the permanent commission, e.g. chairman, secretary, board members, officers, and consultant, have instance-based access to information.

In addition to meeting management, this portal records and preserves information on the performance of each board of trustee and delivers useful information to the members. Based on this information, each board of trustee is able to make better policies for the management of their board of trustee. This portal has several functions. This includes recording requests, sending text messages and emails, making e-folders, searching and tracking requests and ratifications (decisions which are made and approved in the meetings). This portal follows the following aims:

★  Reducing admin work: time spent for writing official letters, and making best use of time by automating processes;

★  Doing admin work anytime and from anywhere, even out of office;

★  Recording and preserving files in less space, safer and with easier access;

★  Managing work in one-space and clarifying work flow;

★  Monitoring activities and producing wide range of management reports.

Board of Trustees' Meetings Management System